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Financial wellness program for your team.

According to studies companies with a financially educated staff perform more successfully and retain more employees. Would you be interested in a program at little or no cost to help you achieve this outcome?

Financial wellness program for your team.
Financial Academy
Financial Academy

As your financial life improves you may want access to more advanced learning. You can gain further knowledge by joining our financial academy.

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Quarterly workshops to provide financial education and encourage participation in company benefit programs.

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Our licensed professionals are here to assist you purchase financial products and guide you on your financial revolution.

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10 Benefits of Having a Financial Wellness Program for your staff:
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✓︎ Greater Focus And Productivity
✓︎ Reduces Staff Vulnerability
✓︎ Reduced Stress
✓︎ A New Appreciation for Non-Cash Compensation
✓︎ Lower Healthcare Costs
✓︎ Less Need for Employees to Have Side Hustles
✓︎ Less Absenteeism
✓︎ Greater Potential for Employees to Increase Skills
✓︎ Better Retention & Loyalty
✓︎ Employees Will Better Understand the Business Case

Financial Academy

We believe that financial education should be accessible to all. To keep it simple we offer a free trial and a sample course so that you can test drive before you buy.
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Annual Budget Reporting to your Shareholders
No registration
2 modules
35 minutes

What are the perks

Learn everything A-Z
We have designed courses that cover financial topics that start with the basics and expand to more advanced financial topics.
Easily Accessible
Learn on any device, anytime.
Worksheets, quizzes, rewards
Enjoy short videos that make learning simple and fun.
Hours of video material
Enjoy short videos that make learning simple and fun.


Our team of professionals will schedule quarterly workshops that are designed to increase participation in your benefit programs and increase your employees financial confidence.
Pillars to our educational experience
Increase your understanding of how money works.
Become more exposed to the resources you have available.
Feel good about execution
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Your Coaching Experience

Financial success is achieved with a blend of mindset, knowledge and application. Our coaching experience is designed to maximize your success by educating & guiding you towards the tools that work best for your goals.
Your Coaching Experience
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Corporate Costs

Number of users 3 - 10 11 - 49 50 - 100 100 - 250 250+ 1.000+
Monthly Cost Per User $17.99 $15.99 $13.99 $11.99 $9.99 Contact us
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